Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★

An accomplished feat of cinema, Portrait of a Lady on Fire might easily be one of the best romantic dramas to be committed to celluloid in quite some time. The film has some very good performances and very good storytelling that is simple in how it is, but by keeping these elements in a basic way, the director was able to craft a picture that stands out among others that have ventured in the same genre. I personally felt that this film was much better than other romance dramas, as it didn't try to cheapen the film with gene cliches. Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a fine drama that showcases everything that is great about film.

The cast are wonderful and the film keeps you involved in a way that makes for an enthralling, unforgettable film going experience. This film certainly surprised me. It is a film that exceeded my expectations and I normally don't care much for romance films, but this film is one of those rare exceptions that I loved such a movie. If you're looking for a great romance, period picture, this is one not to pass up. Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a fine piece of film making and it shows that you can tell a great story with the simplest ideas. You don't need big thrills or gimmicks to create something memorable and well worth seeing.