Rumble Fish

Rumble Fish ★★★★

Excellent action drama directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Rumble Fish delivers a well layered storyline with top notch performances. The film has a very good concept, and Coppola tackles the subject brilliantly and stars Matt Dillon, it is a film that manages to be captivating from start to finish. What I enjoyed most about the film was the fact that it used a simple idea and managed to do so much with it. Coppola’s direction is immaculate and he delivers a film that is quite different from others that he has done, but still manages to stand out due to the fact that it has a good story, good acting and good pacing that makes the film what it is. Rumble Fish is a standout genre film that is well worth your time if you enjoy a good storyline that keeps you involved from start to finish. The film blends action and drama quite well, and overall it’s one of the best films in Coppola’s filmography. The cast do a fine job in their respective roles and whole it’s a simple story, the actors manage to elevate the material with their on-screen delivery, therefore Rumble Fish becomes more than just a film, it becomes an experience. Rumble Fish is a stunning picture, and it should be seen as one of Coppola’s finest films of the 80’s. With a great, yet simple story and engaging performances, this is a film you soon won’t forget and it is a film that is gripping from the first frame onwards.

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