Running Wild: The Final Jolly Roger ★★★★★

Running Wild: The Final Jolly Roger is a stunning performance by the band at Wacken Open Air, the world’s biggest Heavy Metal festival. This is the final live performance of the band as of yet. This was supposed to be the end of the band, and as of yet is their last performance. Luckily, the band reformed two years later, Running Wild would reform and make more outstanding music. The show here is incredible and the set list comprises so many fan favorites such as Riding the Storm, Port Royal, Bad to the Bone, Tortuga Bay and Under Jolly Roger. The band is impressive, and they deliver a fine performance in the league of Iron Maiden. If you enjoy good heavy metal, you’re sure to enjoy this show. The set list great, the musicsmanship is top-notch and Running Wild is one of the finest metal bands from the German metal scene. If this was indeed their last concert, Running Wild has delivered a great performance, one that they should be proud of. Even if they reformed and make new music, they yet have to tour again, but if you’re curious how a good metal sounds like, and you’re new to the genre, The Final Jolly Roger is a great place to start.. I personally loved the concert, as I am a diehard fan of the band. This is a no brainer to watch for Running Wild fans. These guys are quite possibly the finest metal act since Iron Maiden. In fact, I think that they can give Maiden a run for their money. With terrific metal anthems, a riveting stage show, and fine guitar work by Rolf Kasparek and his crew, they gave a truly memorable final show that will appeal to any metal fan looking for a great concert DVD to watch. Let’s that aside from two new releases in the last few years, including this year’s year’s Resilient, Running Wild will one day perform live again.