Sudden Impact ★★★★

Fourth entry in the Dirty Harry film franchise plays out like a revenge action thriller. After a rape victim takes out her revenge on her abductors, Harry Callahan is put on the case. Brilliantly directed by Clint Eastwood himself, Sudden Impact is one terrific piece of action cinema that I consider to be one of the most solid sequel to the first. I thought it was a change pace as well. The plot, though slightly predictable ( I mean, we've seen a few revenge style films out there, right?) is nothing new, but is expertly done by Eastwood. Sudden Impact is a terrific film, and deserves more praise than it got. I thought the film had terrific acting by all the cast members, and the gang of criminals of which are the victim of of the rape victims wrath. I thought the film had everything you would expect to find in a Dirty Harry Film. The film is none stop action and thrills and will appeal to diehard Dirty Harry fans. I much preferred Sudden Impact over The Enforcer which in my opinion was good, but lacked a little something to truly make it great. Sudden Impact has a stronger, much more detailed plot that I found to be the most thrilling since Magnum Force. I personally feel that the Dirty Harry films should have concluded with Sudden Impact, this film is a solid action film with one of the best actors in the business. Those who love this film will most likely be disappointed by it's sequel and final entry in the franchise, The Dead Pool. Sudden Impact is a far superior film, and should have been the final film in the series. A terrific fourth film, but this film isn't for everyone. Sudden Impact is I'd say a film strictly for the fans.