Train to Busan

Train to Busan ★★★★½

When it comes to horror films, Asian cinema has turned out their fair share of solid genre films that manage to reinvent the wheel, and deliver something completely different. The story is nothing complex, but the way the film is executed makes it a terrifying tour de force and one standout foreign horror film. I love Asian horror films, and so many great films have been made such as I saw the Devil, The Host, among many others. The way the story comes together here along with the steady tension and thrills makes Train to Busan a fine horror film from South Korea, and it’s clear that South Korea have a clear understanding of what makes for a riveting, compelling and unforgettable genre film.

The film has a steady pace in order to let the tension unfold and in turn it becomes edge of your seat entertainment that keeps you riveted as you don’t know what will happen next. This is a well layered film with plenty of elements to its story to keep things interesting and captivating. Train to Busan is a fine foreign film, and it has some good performances, but more than that, what makes it a near perfect film is the sheer dread of the ordeal that the characters go through. The subject seems all too real, and that’s what makes it a riveting, memorable horror film that is among the year’s very best films. The sheer terror that unfolds makes this a must watch for the most ardent, and demanding horror fan. This film has it all, a simpler, yet convincing concept with terrific amounts of sheer carnage and downright terror.

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