Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★½

Guy Ritchie directed last year's The Gentleman, which was a terrific crime film that was among his best films in years. Having enjoyed that film, I had hoped to really like this film as much as The Gentleman. Sadly, I found myself really not liking it, in fact I hated it and I would say that this is among Ritchie's worst films. I felt that this was a lazy action film with wooden performances, as if it's a bad copy of a Guy Ritchie film, except it's Richie directing. The ideas expressed in the film's script are nothing new or fresh and the whole idea is wasted because here Guy Ritchie is trying too hard at regaining the successes of his earlier films.

I'll admit, I've enjoyed pretty much his filmography except for King Arthur which was an awful film, yet this time around he eqyualled the crap fest that he made with that film. Wrath of Man fails to bring on some very good action. The film is not worth your time and you'd be better off watching something else because Ritchie's latest movie just doesn't have anything to grab your attention, instead it plays it safe and the film just doesn't have anything entertaining or memorable.