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  • The Dead Pit

    The Dead Pit


    This movie is so gloriously stupid that it overcomes its own badness to become a genuinely enjoyable, albeit cheesy and unoriginal, movie in its own right. I'm not telling you this a good film, far from it. But I had a blast.

    Whether it's the OTT practical effects, the bad acting, the terrible script, or just the general over reliance on generic tropes and overused 80s style horror score, there's so much here to enjoy. Not a single bit of it works, and yet, somehow, it all does.

  • Ticks



    Er... I loved this. It was gloopy, cheesy, schlocky fun of the best kind. Content to chuck logic out the window in favour of whatever random crap crossed the filmmakers mind, from the villains that wandered into the wrong movie from Deliverance to the inexplicable fact that a dead body turns into a giant tick at the end, every single second of this was pure early 90s madness.

    This is the kind of balls to the wall, no fucks given,…

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  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Spoilers. There are spoilers in this review. This is my spoiler review. Yoube been warned. Spoilers.

    So... are we all just going to ignore the fact that Hawkeye was straight up murdering people in a manner so brutal that Rhodey, a war veteran, could barely stomach the crime scenes, and yet all it took for him to be forgiven was for him to rock up at Avengers HQ with a new haircut?

    For a movie that's clocking in at around…

  • Overlord



    Ah, a mid budget, aimed squarely at adults horror/thriller. Remember those? Yeah. It's great to see one of these again. Maybe the lack of this kind of output from studios made this feel like a lot more fun than it really is but... man, Overlord is a lot of fun.

    It doesn't really have anything going on below the surface, but it's a solid movie made with confidence and it understands the importance of character as much as it does…