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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire
  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me
  • Arrival

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  • Unknown: Killer Robots


  • The Meg


  • Ang Duyan ng Magiting


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  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    as someone that loves a good crime & mystery story, i loved this so much. i was surprised at first when the “twist” was revealed early but then it gets to the point where that “twist” has an even bigger “twist” to it. and it takes you by surprise how elaborate everything was planned and leaves you in a state of shock as the story unfolds. i love how it kept audiences like me intrigued as to finding out the truth…

  • John Denver Trending

    John Denver Trending


    i cried af in this film huhuh. it has such a relevant topic especially at this age of social media wherein just a simple post/photo/video can change how we see and perceive someone or something. however, this influence has been going to the wrong side where we immediately believe what we see and judge based on that then ultimately call out hate towards that someone or something. something as simple as standing up for yourself can be tweaked to make…

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  • The Meg

    The Meg


    still a fun time and a way to prep for The Meg II

  • Ang Duyan ng Magiting

    Ang Duyan ng Magiting


    the acting here really stood out to me.

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  • Parasite



    52 Years in 52 Weeks 2020 | 13/52

    The 5th Annual Letterboxd Season Challenge: 2019-20
    Bonus 1: This bonus week's challenge is to watch a previously unseen film from the Letterbox Top 250.

    Scavenger Hunt 59 Feb 2020 | 3/29 | 29. A movie that is the reason you watch movies

    holy shit. i've never been this in awe of a film before wow. truly a freaking MASTERPIECE! pls give it all the awards it deserves and more *coughs Best Picture,…

  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    Scavenger Hunt 70 January 2021 | 1/31 | 1. Let’s have a mini 2020 retrospective. Watch a 2020 film that you missed out on.

    52 Years in 52 Weeks 2021 | 1/52

    i had high expectations for this, knowing i really loved Wonder Woman (2017) so much. then the trailer came out and i was curious af how is Steve alive like what kind of sorcery happens HAHA. but upon watching, you start to understand the reason it happens and how it…