Us ★★★★

2019 Ranked

Knowing that Us was going to bear more in common with the horror genre than Get Out, I kept expecting Us to fall back on clichés or the usual horror tropes, and I kept being proved wrong again and again. A number of scenes appeared at first as if they were framed as to hide the doppelgängers just outside the frame- a staple of the horror genre- but that was not the case. Similarly, Jordan Peele resists jump scares and the film visually benefits from a larger budget, atypical for the horror genre, and smart use of effects. Like in Get Out, Peele weaves countless subtle hints and clues across Us to help audiences understand his film better and be excited about discovering something new in later rewatches. Overall, an interesting mesh of It Follows and Night of the Living Dead, though one may draw different associations when seeing (Funny Games, etc). Regardless, social commentary abounds.