The Graduate ★★★★½

Hilarious and incredibly relatable movie. They really nailed the “worried about the future” feeling, especially with Ben’s interactions with his parents and family. Awesome acting by Dustin Hoffman, he was able to perfectly make this hilariously awkward, but at the same time show how frustratingly lost he felt in everyone’s expectations.  

This movie weirdly reminds me of Catcher in the Rye. Hear me out. It’s a perfect book for when you’re in high school, frustrated with everything and feeling like an outcast, but when you grow out of that phase you look back and thankfully can’t relate as much. This movie is perfectly relatable when you’re a post grad and in a “worried about the future” “stop asking me about my life at family gatherings it gives me anxiety” phase, but hopefully in a few years it’ll be significantly less relatable.  

Overall, great movie, hilarious performance by Dustin Hoffman. The boob grab scene will forever be considered a groundbreaking moment in cringe comerdy.