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  • Spring Breakers

    Spring Breakers


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    With the dub-step infused, literal boobie-drenched opening sequence, and its subsequent cut to black, Korine could have made a point. A statement that proclaimed: hey, you know that beach bacchanalia picture that you thought you were going to get; well, say goodbye to the titties and get ready to get to the gritty. The problem is Korine can’t get rid of the titties; he keeps coming back to them whenever the picture needs a pickup. The titties are a crutch.…

  • Be Cool

    Be Cool


    This is not the Cadillac of sequels.

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  • Gummo



    This loathsome ninety-minutes of amateur material uses the redneck aesthetic – gross animal cruelty (honestly, I’ve never seen a movie so infatuated with the mutilation of animals) and ingrained racism and homophobia – to aggregate filth (not vulgarity, but a layer of trailer-trash scuzz) for no other intent than to provide some kind of pseudo-intellectual shock-value.

    What little plot the movie can be bothered by centers on two teenagers killing cats to make money so they can pay to have…

  • Now You See Me

    Now You See Me


    This isn't a movie about magicians; it's about stock characters engaged in a long con that would be impossible to control. If this were really about magic, it wouldn't be so liberal with its use of CG to pull off these amazing feats.

    What's worse is that this entire trick is built to make us think there’s something of substance in this mirror box when it’s really just a distraction leading to the reveal: this whole movie is just preamble to a sequel.