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  • Esencia de verbena
  • Far from the Trees
  • Que nos quiten lo bailao
  • Voodoo Black Exorcist
  • Harassed


48 films

Sesiones dobles de cine de culto en 35mm; últimos viernes del mes @ Filmoteca Española (Cine Doré, Madrid)

Double bill…

  • It
  • The Crowd
  • Speedy
  • Beware Spooks!
  • Nightmare Alley

SPOOK-A-RAMA: Funhouses and dark rides

42 films


Ready to get spooked? Turn back now if you are scared of the dark!

For most of us, amusement…

  • Méditerranée
  • Eye in the Labyrinth
  • Shock Treatment
  • Alone Against Terror
  • Silence of the Grave

Mediterranean Gothic | Gótico Mediterráneo

96 films

Old dark houses, ghosts, vampires, witches and killers left the dust and spiderwebs behind and went to the beach during…