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  • Her Smell

    Her Smell


    TIFF ‘18 Screening #4 (Platform)
    World Premiere

    Alex Ross Perry in full form. Proves once again he’s one of the most interesting filmmakers right now. Wild, drug fueled frenzy. 5 ACTS full of depth, captivating performances and engrossing camerawork. Elizabeth Moss absolutely kills it! Great cast that includes Eric Stoltz and Virginia Madsen! 

    More thoughts after that movie marinated. It was so freeing to see this film, Sean Price Williams treats the camera like a presence. Experiencing…

  • Eraserhead



    Criterion Blu Ray

    About the 7th time I’ve seen this since I was 19. This might be one of the greatest debuts ever made for two reasons: innovative on a low-budget and a singular style.

    It’s not “weird for the sake of weird”, if that’s a summation of the film I just don’t believe you were paying attention. Makes you laugh from unease, sometimes it induces anxiety, and always grosses me out! It’s abstract, though there are enough pieces laid out to have an idea of it’s themes. There is a plot to the film and it’s called self actualization.