Blue Valentine ★★★★★

I'm pretty sure my last partner saw this and left me because I am Ryan Gosling

It's my first rewatch since I saw it long ago, all I remembered from heart was the final scene and that is how that one just wraps it in such a beautiful and magnificent way. The acting is superb and the writing also just picks every single point that if you didn't passed already by it, you will.

I sinned yes, saw it post-breakup but its alright actually, it can be emotional but mostly it will calm you down.

As a personal thought, I found the talk about 'goals' something that really hits the point in our generation specially. Your partner for sure will ask you one day of your goals and be sure they will look at you like you are an alien if the only thing you are sure of its that you want to be happy. Nowadays everyone just will stick with you if you want to have 3 degrees and climb the Everest without oxygen supplys so then they can brag about it on the social media for likes.

If you are one of the crazy ones like the character of Ryan Gosling and you are too kind hearted for this world, my thoughts are with you

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