God Bless America ★★★

After a bright beginning director/writer Bobcat Goldthwait's damming satire, on the systematic and arguably deliberate dumbing down of US culture by the media, ran out of legs and hit a brick-wall.

Goldthwait's film isn't an original attempt to cover this topic by any means. Sidney Lumet's outstanding Network was covering much of the same ground in 1978 and covered it with a great deal more skill, artistry and eloquence.

Nevertheless, via the cult of 'celebrity' and 'talent' shows such as Americal Idol Goldthwait puts a modern spin on the issues, thereby making the film relevant for a contemporary audience.

Goldthwait, to an extent, succeeds in conveying the main points of his arguments and at times the comedy and dialogue is sharp, crisp and bang on the money.

But overall and as a piece of cinema the film had lost much of it's edginess and bite by half way and to be honest I was looking forwards to the end.