Wendy and Lucy

Wendy and Lucy ★★★

Michelle Williams has really bad luck with dogs in films.
I'm still about 20th in line at my local library for First Cow so I thought I'd see some of Kelly Reichardt's other films since it's women's history month.
This is my 10th female directed movie watched for the month so I'm halfway to my goal.
This isn't really my type of movie, never liked character studies or slice of like movies but Michelle Williams in the lead role does a lot to offset my natural dislike of the genre.
I even almost liked it since it reminded me of my younger years where I spent a few weeks drifting in Northern California and Oregon, although I knew it was a finite time and where I'd end up the struggle of finding somewhere to clean up, eat or sleep was relatable.
Based on the synopsis I read I expected a road trip movie but Williams' titular Wendy spends pretty much the whole movie in one town after her car breaks down.
It was kind of a nice look at human nature as some people went out of their way to help Wendy and some went out of their way to punish her.
A good showing of the different layers of humanity and how when you have so little money just one bad thing can literally ruin your best laid plans.
Won't watch again but not sorry I saw it.

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