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Still from Joe Dante’s Gremlins (1984)


TMDB entries added by me

Taiwanese film and other smaller Asian movies are not always listed on TMDb, so I have to add them.

Hand in Hand (2010) is not added my me, but besides English title, I fill up almost everything else.

  • Ask This of Rikyu
  • Twa-Tiu-Tiann
  • Kano
  • Sweet Alibis
  • Tamako in Moratorium
  • The Apology King
  • Midsummer's Equation
  • Tokyo Family
  • Forever Love
  • In the Affirmative
  • La maison de Himiko
  • By Player
  • The Life of Chikuzan
  • Will to Live
  • Pusu Qhuni
  • Elena
  • Daddy's School
  • The Losers
  • Our Times
  • Zinnia Flower
  • Wansei Back Home
  • When Miracle Meets Maths
  • Maverick
  • Storm Over the Yangtse River
  • Face Taiwan
  • Our Time, Our Story
  • Hsien-Yung Pai
  • 1918
  • Boundaryless
  • My City
  • ALife That Sings
  • The Moment: Fifty Years of Golden Horse
  • Love in Vain
  • Finding Sayun
  • The Road
  • The Summer Is Gone
  • The Receptionist
  • Pick the Youth
  • Bride in Hell
  • The Great Buddha Plus
  • Ending Cut
  • Hand in Hand
  • The Mountain
  • I Didn't Dare to Tell You
  • The End of the Track