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  • Skyscraper


    Ladies, get you a man who will humour you and see this with you in DBOX.

  • Sorry to Bother You

    Sorry to Bother You

    What do you even say about a movie that reaches its arm down your throat, grabs your heart and pushes it out through your vagina, but it tells you that you’ll be okay with your heart dangling from your vagina like some lady heart balls and you just accept it because now that you think about it, maybe life is better this way?

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  • Tickled


    Holy shit. 
    I heard this was a bananas story but this is like a grocery store where all they sell is bananas.

  • Carol


    The credits start rolling and I'm wiping away tears cause I have a lot of feelings. I notice the guy next to me looking over so I say to him "That was so beautiful!" through all my tears and he goes "I know!" and HE wipes away tears and it was a beautiful moment for cinema.