After Hours

After Hours ★★★

After seeing Paul, all soaked and anxious, a stranger utters: “It must be full moon tonight” as an elaborate little nod to “An American Werewolf in London”, and he’s not far off, putting aside Griffin Dunne who played in both movies, this movie shares the same chaotic rather surrealistic themes, of course there’s nothing supernatural like a werewolf, but it was rather surrealistic in its depiction of Paul’s bad luck, as he faces trouble after trouble all in the same night. 
The same as “Bringing Out the Dead”, this also, is a dive out of his comfort zone for Scorsese, but he was much less experienced when he made this, 15 years earlier, in after hours he tries to find a cohesive voice for the whole story, and he fails to do so, the movie falls out of balance and it feels rather experimental not in a good way, like it was made by a couple of different people. Overall, I found the repetitious stroke of rotten luck tiresome and boring. It had to be said, acting and the subtle suspense that goes with the whole story made the movie worth watching.

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