Daddy Longlegs

Daddy Longlegs ★★★

I took the Safdie brothers journey a little bit backwards, first it was Good Time, tremendous acting, amazing score, it got me all wet and ready so I got fucked away by Uncut Gems, a really phenomenal piece of art, full stars. Afterwards. I went for Heaven Knows What, just like Good Time, it deserved 4/5 stars, because of the absolutely creative music, painfully realistic story, and some high calibre acting. Overall, I have to say there's some new brothers in town and they're not fucking around even a little bit.

Daddy Longlegs has written Safdie brothers all over it, they really have their own language, a raw serene realism that doesn't take a step back, but this one didn't involve me as much as the others, I believe the acting of the lead role didn't match the spirite of the movie, and the imaginary gunshot, wave, wind sounds that were supposed to give an extra edge to the movie was a big NO NO for me, you could see they achieved this edge in the next movie with the futuristic game-console like score of Heaven knows what. 

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