The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch ★★★★½

I started watching French Dispatch not knowing who the director was, it was just this new movie with lots of stars on the poster but 5 mins in, the style is so sublime and particular that you know this is a Wes Anderson's work, almost instantly. Kinda like how you know you're watching a Woody Allen when the main dude is undecisive push-over. 
French Dispatch, is Anderson’s most personal work as he reveals more of his opinions about some social/political issues facing modern world. Mostly using a sister vigilante as his outlet, she, and all the activist students around her parachute us back to French wave era definitely. Facing her, we have one Timothee Chamalet who undeniably reminds us of Charles in The Devil Probably, as I was watching Antoine in that movie I was constantly thinking about how much he looks like Timothee. Thanks for bringing my thoughts to motion, and thanks for another substantial work of art.