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  • Tenet



    This made my asshole invert into itself, such a characterless forgettable picture

  • Black Bear

    Black Bear


    I was waiting for Aubrey Plaza to deliver a masterpiece of her own, and given the space in this movie, she absolutely flourished, what a breathtaking performance, the acting all around is pretty much great; but that's not what stands out about the film, the thing to notice is the screenplay, how it moves away from conventional Hollywood and even independent American film making, the reality and fantasy get mixed up as you can’t place the events in a logical…

  • Unhinged



    How Crow face looks like, frowning, so outraged and implausible, I was constantly reminded of how they made fun out of him in South Park over and over again; punching everyone in the face for no reason, in that sense it kinda made me laugh. About the movie, at least it doesn't fall from action but its pretty much shit.

  • Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

    Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

    The first Borat movie shook the world, specifically because of how cool the comedy was, it was harsh and insulting but cool at the same time which was a true achievement. This one is the exact opposite, it's pointed, it's got agenda, and its not funny at all. I mean it's common sense to despise Trump, so to focus on that assholeall of the runtime was repetitive and boring. 
    How the Borat started, and what it could've been, it had such great potential for ideas and places it could go. But it stayed there, in that sad corner of politic afflictions.

  • Spun



    Watching this last night I realized I had watched it many years ago, but forgot about the name and everything. I was a kid, and honestly couldn't connect with this trippy picture; minus the romantic whatever bits everything else feels like an amazing psychedelic journey, as unconventional as it gets are the relationships between characters, and cause and effect dynamic is far from anything logical. Bottom line is I'm a big fan of this trippy short shots camera work, so I really liked this one.

  • Project Power

    Project Power


    I mean it's not gonna blow your mind, but the camerawork and colors are attractive, and Jamie Fox can really pull off the bad-ass act as we have previously witnessed in movies like Miami Vice, Jarhead and Django, he really is the main attraction, and he's kinda enough. 
    The plot takes a rather familiar path, and I wasn't surprised or suspended!

  • The Outpost

    The Outpost


    Boy oh boy, talk about fuzzy shit! The narration is rushed and objective in the most peculiar way, you can go all the way and still not know any characters, and definitely not connect with them at all. But that's not what's wrong with this movie, when you have a low budget you CAN NOT do whatever you want, it's just a fact, what I mean by is that the movie felt pretty empty, as the engagement begins between American soldiers and Taliban, we don't see anything from the other side, and it needed a whole lot more of CGI.

  • Beyond the Black Rainbow

    Beyond the Black Rainbow


    Wow this was such an ambiguous, obscure and insignificant experience. Still, I see some pseudo-intellectuals support this shit, good for you biaaaaatches!

  • The Guest

    The Guest


    The Guest is one of those different kind of movies, it’s unconventional in its narration, taking it pretty methodically the first-half, turns into a fine action thriller the second half. The lead actor did pretty well to keep things interesting, he both looked and acted the part.

    Again, we’re not convinced why he's become the mad man he is now, but we just like to see him go nuts so it doesn't matter. The script sure as shit keeps it all very interesting.

    Last but not least, the soundtrack was chosen masterfully and I really enjoyed it, big thumbs up.

  • Cam



    Thematically similar to that famous Hotshot episode of black mirror, as a girl faces confusion of identity in a metaphorical story while she tries to reach fame/money/better life. Although the setting doesn't point to a time in the future, the plot definitely takes a turn towards a more bizarre time in society. 

    I don't know what to say about these movies, there are lots of them, a very interesting mystery is created which is the good thing about the movie,…

  • Bliss



    Just like Velvet Buzzsaw, this movie suffers from being ahead of it's time, but then again, the smart audience always keeps up.

  • Honey Boy

    Honey Boy


    There are tons of films with similar themes, and honestly, this could get lost in that pile very easily; but it stands out thanks to the strong acting, Shia is always entertaining to watch, but this one had a nice poisonous sting to it which I loved. Noah Jupe is as good as you expect a child actor to be, although Lucas Hedges doesn't have lots of face time, he still plays a big role in setting the tone, he is without a doubt one of the better actors of his generation.