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  • Royals' Revenge

    Royals' Revenge


    The only positive about this movie was they guy who played Travis, he played it really well, rest is meh

  • Versus



    Versus gets caught in repetition big time, as the movie started I was excited because of camera work, all the close-ups and the nervous tilting movement is definitely my thing. Unfortunately, Versus is not sure what it is, a little more silly or a little serious would be something. This was just in-between

  • The Contractor

    The Contractor

    There is simply one thing that is good about this movie, the rest is pretty much mediocre. IT DOES NOT BEAT AROUND THE BUSH, unlike some other writers that try to build up characters by providing little melodramatic conversations here and there, which almost always fail. This movie avoids that mistake, it knows scenes like that just bore us, no real character building happens with all that cliche.

  • Kimi



    This is just bad vibes with no rewards, feelbad movie of the year

  • Copshop



    The last 20 minutes is so atrociously weak that it seems like he was given an hour to finish off the script at gunpoint; the rest is not amazing but at least was it was bearable

  • Finch



    Take I Am Legend and pump it with sentimental crap that seem all out of sorts for the atmosphere of the movie; then add a little Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, there you have it, Finch is ready. Ohhh... Wait, replace the hot lead as Will Smith with the burnt-out Tom Hanks that by now has forgotten all about Cast Away and how he blew us away

  • Reminiscence



    Someone should tell Hugh Jackman he’d still be attractive to most women if he stopped frowining like an enraged guerilla all the time

  • Bullhead



    I have sat through the most upsetting, gruesome, gross pictures you could think of from around the world and No ladies and gentlemen I haven't flinched. But there's a scene in this movie and there's only one scene as well so you'll know which one I'm talking about, that I just couldn't bear; it made me so uncomfortable and bothered that I couldn't continue the movie for 10 minutes, and it's gonna stick with me, so you'd think as someone…

  • Unhinged



    How Crow face looks like, frowning, so outraged and implausible, I was constantly reminded of how they made fun out of him in South Park over and over again; punching everyone in the face for no reason, in that sense it kinda made me laugh. About the movie, at least it doesn't fall from action but its pretty much shit.

  • The Lost City of Z

    The Lost City of Z


    Sorry, regardless of what it shows with all the beautiful places in nature, and a good cinematography, I didn't like this movie. It just had too simple of a plot, everything is expected, and the acting was not good.  I just can't bare to be this much not surprised.

  • Zombie for Sale

    Zombie for Sale


    Oh no, no no no. Thanks but no thanks. It's tricky when you download Korean movies blindly. Of course, the Korean cinema has some absolute killer movies, but there are some movies that follow in the footsteps of cheesy Korean rom-com series, this is one of them, if you like them you're gonna like this one as well.

  • Game Night

    Game Night


    How could they manage to be this dull and unfunny with a rather good cast? A real whatever script. It's not even really worth a watch imo