AliBouzari has written 9 reviews for films rated ★★★★ during 2021.

  • Greatful Dead

    Greatful Dead


    Another tremendous Japanese picture that certainly leaves it's marks in postmodern cinema. What the director experiments in regards to music and form is as creative as you want. Classical music playing in the most unsuitable scenes that makes it all even more peculiar. This was a funny exciting ride, don't let the first 30 minutes disappoint you cause it's kinda slow.

  • Zola


    I can't say it had a surprising script, it didn't, the whole story is simple and mundane; how come I don't care about that? because this movie looks absolutely gorgeous. It's one of the sexiest movies I've ever seen, the colors and the lighting is superb; and yeah it had sexy people in it, especially Zola herself. Hot Damn! The 86 minutes runtime actually feels even shorter, this film flies to a finish swiftly and masterfully that you don't even have time to even ask about how and why, you just join this group of people in what's happening. what a breath of fresh air.

  • Bacurau



    “We’ve used psychotropic drugs, you're gonna die.”
    The most special thing about this bad-ass little flick is that it has a peculiar way of getting more and more violent; the plot starts slow and steps into madness cautiously, but when it starts to go apeshit, it's absolutely real and brutal

  • Hardcore



    As the movie was ending I asked myself why do I like this movie so much? Shouldn't it be rather boring by my standards? But I realized I mainly liked it because of a the acting and above that casting, everyone, even ones with small roles, look perfect for the part; the result is you get involved with the movie, and I couldn't pause it for a second which means I was sold.

  • La Ciénaga

    La Ciénaga


    I suppose this is how Nuestro Tiempo and Y Tu Mama Tambien start out, Just like La Cienaga these movie start with an expressionistic take on the spirit of life in Latina in a particular summary swampy setting, the savage boundless exploration of nature, children playing in the dirt, testing each other's limits in games, fights, and romance. Parents that almost don't care about the kids but they do if their own vices leave room, kids with scratches and serious injuries but…

  • The Soft Skin

    The Soft Skin


    Most of French new wave cinema is about relationships, but it's not the same romance you see in different cinemas of other countries in other periods. Relationships are used as a tool to reflect the state of society, how void of humanity and moral principals people have become. The ultimate realization that there is actually no sanctity to human life, there’s the iron that cuts through the meat and that's that, c’est fini. After the catastrophic World War II, people…

  • Mind Game

    Mind Game


    Every frame of Mind Game is loaded with so much detail and attention, that you have no choice but to respect the tremendous work and creativity that was put into it. The story starts in real and plausible surroundings, but as time passes some elements of fantasy are introduced into the story, the characters that seem so bizzare that you're not sure what to make of them or whether they’re real or not. Eventually, you will journey to the realm…

  • Orgazmo



    Love it or hate it? I think that's how this is for people. The kind of silly carefree and almost careless comedy that sometimes borderlines fantasy is not everyone’s cup of tea. The story would be different if this was an episode of South Park but these are real people, so the amount of silliness might be undesirable for some. But I absolutely loved every second of it. It provides fine escape as not a lot of it makes much sense, and this my dudes is going up in my stoner list since it's so unconventional and fast-paced.

  • Another Round

    Another Round


    This movie puts a smile on your face, breaks your heart, brings you close to tears, then makes you laugh; such a roller coaster ride, one I vastly appreciate since I don't feel a lot on my own. So if you wanna go on an emotional trip, here it goes...