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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    A movie with a smooth beat and a rockin’ temperament, Baby Driver sees a fresh turn from Cornetto trilogy mastermind Edgar Wright who finds the same quirks in new places while on the hunt for bolder and more brazen concepts. Utilising a suave gimmick that grows old but stays bold as Ansel Elgort slips in the earbuds and jams to the usual hits, the film scours through the cinematic lexicon, skipping like La La Land and speeding like Bullitt as Wright flips through pages of film history with the enthusiasm of a proud father-to-be.

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  • Roof Culture 2 - Asia

    Roof Culture 2 - Asia


    An informative and exciting documentary that’s as expressive as it is educational, Roof Culture Asia underscores the importance of knowing your limits, showing years of practice as mere precursor to the blood, sweat, and tears that comes with travel and training as security alarms, tiny hotel rooms, and unbearable heatstroke push Storror to achieve their dreams. Exhilarated by impossible jumps and endless chases, the gang find peace in a new continent as they master Asia with all that they can…

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  • Interstellar



    A multidimensional masterwork of epic proportions, crossing the boundaries of space and time with a universal tale of discovery during moments of complete uncertainty. Strong-minded but tender in its depiction of solitude, time travel, and the power unconditional love, Interstellar is a cinematic page-turner and it’s assembled with religious ambition by Christopher Nolan whose transcendent take on Sci-Fi opens the door to a discussion worth having about the importance of family during times of crisis.

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  • Nocturnal Animals

    Nocturnal Animals


    Revenge is a dish best served in hardback and Nocturnal Animals couldn’t be more audacious in its exploration of literary malevolence. In a time where subtweeting and unfriending have become the standard way to send a message about a failed relationship, a movie that dedicates an entire novel to the person who ruined an author’s life feels like a pretty contemptuous one.

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