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  • The Phenomenon

    The Phenomenon


    If you have an explanation, you will eventually find some phenomenon to match that explanation.

    That doesn't actually make it a legitimate way of describing the world.

  • Boys State

    Boys State


    At the start of Boys State, there's a brief conversation that somehow manages to encapsulate everything about this movie.

    "Boy's State is a little too... genderfied. I think we should go for, like, People's State."
    "...There's Girl's State."
    "Yeah, you know what. We should just do it, like, People's State."
    "-People's State?"
    "I'm just meming on you. Don't worry bro."

    Awkward laugh.

    This is how teenagers talk. Or, specifically, this is how teenage boys talk. This conversation isn't a…

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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I've been putting off writing about this for a few days now.

    It's difficult to talk about works you adore. What makes this movie is great is self-evident. Why should I sully that with some sloppy descriptions and incomplete interpretations?

    I feel even more anxious trying to describe people. I can express a compliment. "You're beautiful." But what makes you beautiful? I don't know. It's self-evident. Better to say nothing at all than something embarrassing and incorrect.

    Marianne paints a…

  • Joker



    If I say nothing, really loudly, that makes it profound, right?