Fly Away Home ★★★★★

Is this the most underrated movie ever or am I hopelessly blinded by nostalgia? It has become a tradition to watch it every summer, and I'll let myself cry a little, but when it ends it'll feel like childhood itself took me in its arms and told me everything will be alright.

It's difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why this will always be my favourite movie. There's just so much to love. Anna Paquin's performance as Amy Alden is perhaps what stands out most, as she gives such an emotionally honest portrayal of puberty and grief. Slightly arrogant and self-defensive, she slowly connects to her new home and the people in it in a way that feels completely true to her age and her circumstances.
I also believe the father role was perfect for Jeff Daniels. His initial confusion and frustration remind me so much of my own dad, and his enthusiasm for flying is convincingly contagious.

Flying is such a wonderful theme in this movie. The stunning locations and the magnicent score by Mark Isham really make the experience come to life. The story too is golden, and not one scene bores me. I love the little bits of comedy (geese everywhere!), the good old fashioned family film elements (bad man threatens the geese), and the general chemistry between all of the characters.
And I must mention one of the last scenes , when amidst all the tension and excitement the movie takes a breath and allows us to follow Amy's final journey, accomponied by the beautiful Mary Chapin Carpenter song '10 000 miles'. My heart soars simply thinking about it.