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  • 42 Up

    42 Up


    Continuation of the other segments - but the documentary marker seems more relaxed dand less pushy about whe narrative he was building in the other films. It seems more relaxed and focused on reflection and life updates. I think this is one of the best documentary series I have ever seen, and I am incredibly invested with watching the whole thing. I definitely recommend this series, and while it can be repetitive to see the clips from previous ones when watching all together I think it really comes together.

    Watched as part of 250 best documentary quest

  • Roujin Z

    Roujin Z


    This anime does a great job of tying in social problems of elder abuse/neglect by society with a perfectly enjoyable 90s mech anime. Really the best of anime worlds. It's got a short run time, but somehow so much happens that it feels fully fleshed out. I really enjoyed this, a lot more than I thought I would, and am happy that I took the time to watch! Classic

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  • Ricky Gervais: Humanity

    Ricky Gervais: Humanity

    well it started with a like twenty minute long thing about trans people where gervais insists he's not transphobic and then immediately starts comparing people that are transitioning to himself 'transitioning" into a chimpanzee.

    He also does an entire bit about being raped by the devil, and then goes on to defend the use of rape jokes by saying the rape jokes are situationally funny.

    Occasionally he would make a joke that was actually funny, but it doesn't make up…

  • Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution

    Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution

    This is the biggest, fake deep, piece of misogynist trash that somehow supports rape culture, and yet also blames women for rapists.

    it also; shows numerous women being sexually assaulted/groped/harassed all while shouting help
    shows: a literal video of a gang rape
    shows: men admitting to raping women with drugs

    It spends a ridiculous amount of time pretending to discuss what "masculinity" is, while ignoring femininity. It also pretends trans people and gay people don't exist.

    It's the most performative…