Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★½

i was so terrified that i had hyped this film up too much in my head that it was going to suck for me and boy was i wrong.

watching this was such a surreal experience. it felt like a memory, somehow, or kind of like a blend between a memory and quietly interrupting someone else's dream. at some points i managed to feel both nostalgic and overwhelmingly upset at the same time. i can't quite explain it. those visions of summer combined with the tragic reality of first love hit me harder than i ever thought it would - and i've read the book so i knew the story and i knew i related a little, but for some reason actually seeing it on screen was like confronting my feelings up close. the fact that the visuals were so stunning made it so much easier though. each frame looked like an early 20th century painting, the dialogue was absolutely beautiful and timothee chalamet deserves an oscar just for that final scene. i have so many things i want to say and i can't find the right words, but honestly this was so beautiful and so poetic. it was so so worth the wait.

edit: i know i'm overdramatic, but so is elio so don't judge me.

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