Promising Young Woman

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This review may contain spoilers.

This movie is far from perfect and there are definitely some choices I disagree with- more specifically, the extended ending. However, the statement it was able to make (even with its flaws) was one I felt almost grateful to hear as a woman: a simple reassurance that this helplessness is not fictitious, but a real struggle that so many women face today and that so many men blatantly ignore. 

This powerfully illustrated the idea that the second one man’s vulnerability is threatened, he is entitled to do anything to force a woman back down. Smothering her life while sobbing as if in this physically overpowering position over a woman, he is still the victim.

A man “defending himself” from his superior societal position from these women who simply seek retribution.

I watched as this scene embodied an idea that I didn’t fully comprehend until now.

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