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  • Thor: Ragnarok

    Thor: Ragnarok


    On a ~3rd rewatch, this starts to get kinda dull, and some of the weaker jokes don’t really land, but a lot of them still surprisingly do and its still insanely fun. Its also a lot more emotional than people suggest, and if you take it as a straight up action-comedy, the bathos isn’t as annoying as you’d think.

    Funny how the ending of this is just completely obliterated by the beginning of Infinity War. Its kind of depressing.

  • Tampopo



    Half of this was a really streamlined feel-good western relating to successfully running a noodle restaurant. The other half is this erotic, sensual soft food porn vignette mashup relating to how food connects to every aspect of our lives from our birth to our death and everything in between.

    Really weird but great. 🍜🍜🍜

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  • Widows



    As soon as the film ended, the first words that came to my mind was "That was dope", and I can't think of any 3 words that describe the film any better. 

    The perfect mix between arthouse and pop entertainment, and it's the least you'd expect with a collaboration between Steve McQueen and Gillian Flynn. I do prefer arthouse Steve McQueen, but he brings his flawless direction to this and as a result makes the film feel incredibly fresh, even…

  • Hereditary



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Ann Dowd and cult leaders go together like nut allergies and horror films; a perfect combination no one ever thought they needed.

    An emotional, slow burning, dreadful look at what happens to families when negative feelings like guilt and shame are hidden and boil under the surface, maybe enough to set you on fire (and some other wild shit just for the heck of it I guess). With amazing direction from Ari Aster, an award-worthy performance from Toni Collette, and earned horror as opposed to cheap thrills and jump scares, Hereditary is indeed a film to remember for generations to come.