Suspiria ★★★★★

A poet, who positioned himself as a semi-mentor to me I suppose, once told me that my poetry was, and this isn’t an exact quote I’m sorry, ‘too much - too long, too ambitious, too expansive, to grotesque, utterly maximalist in every way despite the current trend being towards complete minimalism’, and he said that was ‘a very good thing.’  I think I do tend to gravitate towards art that also cultivates those sensibilities. Not every film or book or poem or song should be long, sometimes a short sharp punch is exactly what the piece needs.

But ... 

I love this film so much, this long, confounding, messy, weird, sexy, gross film. I’m constantly understanding more and more about it. Every line, shot, set, prop is there to explore some deeper meaning, to say something about those themes of dance, psychoanalysis, the lumbering undead corpse of fascism that covers itself in a shroud and tries to live under your house. Also, people don’t give it credit for being extremely funny at points - the witches carrying a mangled, still-living body with hooks is hilarious, I think. This really is one of those films which feels like it was made specifically to connect with me and I don’t begrudge anyone for finding it ‘too much’ in any sense of the term.

But I love ‘too much’, I love being ‘too much’. It’s one of my founding principles for how I want to style the work that I produce in life.

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