Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail ★★★★½

Black Lagoon is by far the best anime I have watched to date and this 5 episode wrap up brings every aspect that makes the show so great in spades, for one let me preface that out of all the anime, and shounen jump works I have sat through in particular it is so refreshing to see genuinely greatly written female characters that are a key to this shows great success. All my favorite characters from this show are female which is quite a rarity when sieving through anime and shounen as most female protagonists in these shows are just there to serve as eye candy and rarely do anything to move the plot forward apart from being a driving force or motivation for the main character to win over some needless affection.

It is safe to say that this OAV and show in general steers clear of all this without it it being hamfisted "girl power" nonsense that some other shows have attempted here and there. All the characters here male and female are genuine and real, written with fantastic motivations and overarching stories, this is how to do badass characters right.

Another aspect of the show I admire greatly and probably the most is the raw and gritty feeling it gives off, it is the first anime not based in horror where the depictions of violence and crime can actually be really disturbing and this show and OVA don't shy away from its depictions of drug and gang war being ugly. An often over-glamourised subject gets shown its true colors and nature.

In conclusion I 100% recommend this OAV and show to anyone intrigued by any of the things I mentioned above