Spencer ★★★½

a very slow film with some stand-out moments that moved me. I know the focus is of course Diana but I would’ve enjoyed some more depth and development of other characters, since some of my favorite moments were when Diana was talking with others. Those warm moments on the beach with her maid and the playful scenes with her sons cushioned those moments of isolation and anxiety.

Her perspective of uneasiness and claustrophobia felt immersive in a horror-like way. There were so many delicately placed symbols scattered throughout, from the worn down ghostly scarecrow of her childhood days, to the pearls around her neck slowly suffocating her, to the vulnerable target practice pheasants, to the sewn up curtains and boarded up windows of her old home. It really painted isolation, fate, loneliness, and depression in an intimate way. my favorite scene is when she’s running and dancing at the end as she’s haunted by the ghost of her old self

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