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  • Waterworld




    A $175 million middle finger to mainstream blockbuster taste. Yeah sure, it is a overlong Kevin Costner vehicle. Nothing new there. Costner is also a total prick for most of the movie, the film is usually un-empathetically violent, and the villain is a petulant pirate Dennis Hopper. Never "fun" in a fun kind of way. The sets are wild. I now want to become a sailor with a passion for ziplining. Underrated.

    Arrow Blu is awesome. Watched the "Dances with Waves" featurette after the movie.

    Watched on Arrow Video Blu-Ray (HD TV; HD).

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  • Drugstore Cowboy

    Drugstore Cowboy


    "You just put a 30 day hex on us, that's what you did. Our luck just flew out the window for the next thirty days."

    Predictability. Drugs as control over internal chaos. Finding God through the order of the high. It's always a system. It's always a ritual. It's always a calculation. It's always a challenge. Lord, deliver Your peace into my veins.

    "Who Controls The Control Men
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    Who Controls…

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  • Bucking Broncho

    Bucking Broncho

    No Score Given

    Not very interesting to comparison to the other "Buffalo Bill's Wild West" films. Cowboy Lee Martin rides a horse and another guy shoots a gun.

    Watched on American Film Archives DVD (Laptop; HD).

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  • Buffalo Dance

    Buffalo Dance

    No Score Given

    Part of Buffalo Bill's Wild West show. I am not sure if this is a racist caricature of a Native American dance or an authentic dance but, either way, it is sad to see an art form reduced to this.

    Watched on American Film Archives DVD (Laptop; SD).

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  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    Everyone keeps telling me I have to see this film. But let me tell you:

    1. Where are the hyped turns by Pattinson and Defoe?

    2. Why is it in color?

    3. Why does it suck?

  • Moonfall




    It is ironically fitting that Moonfall is promoting seeing the film on opening night with the prospect of receiving a free NFT, which depicts a piece of the collapsing moon from the movie. Come see our movie and get a free crypto relic of humanity’s possible demise! Director Roland Emmerich has always made optimistic movies, whether it be the patriotism of Independence Day and Midway or the fiery fight for justice in Stonewall. Moonfall, even at its most optimistic,…