Possessor ★★★★

I guess if David Chronenberg is your dad, you can only get weirder. "Possessor" is 100% not mainstream-friendly. The "Uncut" subtitle is meaningless in terms of the release but the extreme sex and violence on display feels "uncut". The concept of the film is so good that I cannot believe no one has done it. Especially in the first two-thirds, director Brandon Chronenberg is coasting more on the incredible concept than his actual skill. At times, it feels like it is tearing apart at the seams. The good news is that the third act is a delightful mindf##k. Andrea Riseborough and Christopher Abbott have been favorites of mine ever since "Oblivion" and "It Comes At Night", respectively. They do not disappoint, especially Riseborough as a psychopathic assassin. Sean Bean and Jennifer Jason Leigh appear in glorified cameos. Good job, Brandon. Your dad must be proud.

81/100. Watched at Century Square (8:30pm; $?).

Best Aspect: That premise (no spoilers)!
Worst Aspect: Shaky cam was super annoying early on
Monthly Point Count: 55/150 (worth four points).
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