The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist ★★★★½

This could easily coast off the much beloved iconography of its cult source material; instead Franco elevates what could have been an easy endeavour by revelling in the spirit of unity and endless passion. 

At the heart of it all (which it definitely has a lot) is the united front of Wiseau and Sestero, discovering new paths to achieve their plateauing goal of stardom; however unconventional it may be. Franco hones in on the feeling of “creative spark”. It’s not all dreams and happiness along the way as we see real problems that come with running a crew / film set in the most professionally oblivous manner possible. 

I’m glad that this was an honest representation of Wiseau and Sestero’s hardships and not embellished for the sake of  dramatic tension. 

The Disaster Artist is wonderfully sweet, hilarious and honest.

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