Parasite ★★★★★

My Palme winner and now the Palme winner <3

This film is a treasure. It’s engrossing, it’s charming, it’s fun, it’s never what you expect it to be, it’s absolutely hilarious and emotional and yes, it and Bong Joon-ho are your Palme winner (I’m over the moon about this - Bong d’Or). 

I’m going to throw out a comparison that may seem a little out there, but immediately jumped into my mind while watching this: this film brings to mind Us. I think you can get that from the little synopsis that’s floating around somewhere, but watching the film makes the connection even more evident.

To be more specific, Parasite is what I wish Us could have been. (With that said, I certainly didn’t hate Us.

Anyway! I hope this gets a release date soon! It’s fantastic. I don’t throw around the word “perfection” seriously very often, but...

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