Titanic ★★★½

I finally got to watch this massive love epos of the grandest propositions. It didn't disappoint, and I was more into the story than I feared. But holy damn it is a long story, that could have worked (better?) if it was a bit shorter.

I didn't care much for the frame narrative. Old Rose and the hunt for the crystal (= the real story was the death and the tragedy). What I cared for was the story at the Titanic. It was a well told, even though over dramatized, love story of two souls who wanted each other more than life it self. Even though I was mad at Rose for all the stupid things she did (jumping of the life boat for example), I still routed for their love.

Oh, and I see why all teenage boys and girls fell in love with especially young Leo, but also young Kate.

I'm not all sure whether this i 3.5* or 4*, might change it later, tho!

(Oh, and the iceberg - damn, that CGI didn't age well in an otherwise beautifully made film)

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