Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings ★★★½

Ridley Scott pulled his own miracle in a place that was all about miracles.

As someone who read the entire Bible word for word before I was twelve as part of a Sunday School quest at my grandma’s Pentecostal church back in the day... I was fascinated by the story of The Israelites exodus from Egypt, to the point that reading the rest of the books was somehow underwhelming. I loved the Old Testament as they were filled with captivating stories that had me hooked. I loved reading as a kid.. i started collecting newspapers as a kid probably around this time too. I grew up in a small town that had no newspaper stand and I remember taking a bus to two towns from mine to get papers everyday without my mom having any knowledge of it because of course I was stealing her money to do all this.. not until I was like 19 and we were packing to our new house that she discovered bags of papers that I have collected and hidden in my room all those years. Anyway although ever since I completely read the entire bible as a kid, I don’t think I even owned a bible from there on ever again till now, because I know that i actually read it because it was more of a storybook to me. The story of Moses was so so interesting to me as a kid not only because I read about it but also because it was like a never ending tale talked among Christians, what also got me interested was the way they try to interweave it with real life issues and stuff. I don’t really think I actually believed that the events in the Bible actually happened somewhere in real life. I never actually link the happenings in the Bible to be of our world of now because the Old Testament had people living for hundreds of years and especially when my dad died at such a young age, I use to think to myself that these people starting from The Garden Of Eden lived in an alternate world  and that their story somehow mysteriously made its way to our world. But I use to try and imagine what that world looked like, that was also why I was interested in collecting Awake and Watchtower magazines distributed by Jehovah Witnesses because they had pictures and drawings of this imaginary world I was trying to see in my head.

The Prince of Egypt might have given me a little bit of satisfaction in discovering this world that I always wanted to see, when I got to watch it one Christmas morning with my younger sister, Ridley Scott’s meticulous handling of special effects and cinematography just hit a home run for me... the pathing of the sea from the original story was also what I was waiting to see while watching this and I like that he created his own visual representation of that scene because it is known all too well to be Moses dividing a vast amount of water and walking through it and I don’t think it would have been interesting to see, if he followed the original text to the end. He created his own world and I am fairly impressed with it. Yes I watched this for not for the story but for the visual representation of the world I’ve been trying to imagine clearly.

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