All Light Will End ★★★

I helped make it, so it’s automatically 5 stars (watch out, my ego is too big).

Just kidding 😂 

 I’d give it an honest 3 stars. It was good, but like everything else it could’ve been better. I felt like information was spoon feed to the audience rather than leaving it up for interpretation. The use of flashbacks was too much, especially towards the end when they were used to re-show the audience important details throughout the film, rather than as plot fillers from Savannah’s past. Flashing back to a moment in the beginning of the film is unnecessary, especially when we just saw it minutes before the flashback montage. Let the audience piece things together. It’ll be much more effective!

This movie is a very inventive compared to other horror films, but sadly it succumbed to the clichés. Great film to study though! 👍