Labyrinth of Cinema

Labyrinth of Cinema ★★★★★

What a way to end Nobuhiko Obayashi’s filmography. I’m literally speechless. Just go watch it (after you’ve watched all of his other films of course)!

I have now watched every film I could find by Obayashi (except for “The Making Of Dreams”, since I haven’t watched Dreams yet), and wow! What a great director. At the start of my binge I wanted to review all of his films, but as I watched through his filmography, I couldn’t find anything to say. There wasn’t anything I could write in my reviews that would do his masterpieces justice, so I decided to not review most of the films in his later career. Obayashi is such an overlooked director, and his films deserve a lot more attention. There are way too many films of his that doesn’t even have subtitles yet. This needs to change. Obayashi’s words need to be spread.