Mirror ★★★★

With this film, I’ve come to realize that beautifully shot pictures don’t please me as much as they would to an average film lover. Don’t get me wrong, I think the cinematography is excellent, with sweeping camera movements that seem to have a mind of their own. It reminds me of Theo Angelopoulos, whose films I adore. The film is also quite commendable for the experimentation alone.

But I prefer films with poetic but decipherable meaning. Like my experience with PersonaMirror is undeniably poetic with stunning imageries (especially the opening and ending scenes of the field), but what it’s expressing is mostly lost on me. I don’t even have an idea what Alexei thinks about his life.

I think this film will definitely improve on a rewatch, especially when I get familiar with the characters. For now, Mirror is a jumbled film with a possibly excellent portrayal of reminiscence that’s unfortunately too personal for me to grasp.

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