Day of the Dead ★★★★½

Most people will tell you Dawn of the Dead is the better movie and Romero's masterpiece. I respectfully disagree. Day of the Dead is probably my favorite horror film, as it's one I've returned to the most over the years. Sure, Dawn is a heck of a lot of fun but Day gets to the dark heart of a zombie apocalypse like no other film. The logical successor to the grim and downbeat Night.

At the center of the story is the claustrophobic struggle between scientists and military personal stuck underground as the zombies have pretty much run rampant above ground. Also Howard Sherman's performance as Bub is the greatest zombie acting job ever. No arguments. It's the heart and soul of this incredibly satisfying film.

What also makes this superior is the gore effects by Tom Savini which have yet to be topped or equaled.

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