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  • Happy Death Day 2U

    Happy Death Day 2U


    The sequel gets a little playful. It wants to be Back to the Future and Groundhog's Day. Also, there are elements of Final Destination. I love how it plays with time and different dimensions. I would NOT recommend seeing this movie if you haven't seen the first one, as the character, Tree, explains everything that happens in the first movie to the last detail. I guess that is helpful for a refresher, but not helpful if you haven't seen theโ€ฆ

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  • The Zookeeper's Wife

    The Zookeeper's Wife


    I feel like maybe I had seen this movie before?

    Vegan points:
    Antonina Zabinska (Jessica Chastain) helps an animal

    Vegan alert:
    -Zoo is bombed
    -Elephant is shot

  • The Girls

    The Girls


    โ€œYou should see her in bed. And In the kitchen.โ€

    I accidentally caught part of the last day of the Mai Zetterling festival. I would have caught a couple of more, but alas, I didn't even know it was going on.

    The film was often zany and featured some great blocking and mirror play. From this film, it seems that sexism was rampant in 1960s Sweden. Women were objects: treated like they were good for the kitchen, bedroom, and raisingโ€ฆ

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