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  • Elvis



    β€œWhen it’s too dangerous to say, sing.”

    Elvis was magnificent: what all biopics should aspire to. I am not necessarily an Elvis fan or anything, but I did make the time to visit Memphis in 2004, going to Graceland and Sun Studio (and Beale Street, etc.).

    Austin Butler's speaking voice was very good and felt like an authentic rendition of what Elvis would sound like. With the recordings of Elvis' singing voice, the makeup, and Butler's gyrations, it turns out…

  • From the Hood to the Holler

    From the Hood to the Holler


    Kentuckian Charles Booker ran for Senate in 2020 as a Democrat, seeking to beat Mitch McConnell, who was the Senate Majority Leader at the time. Despite the fact that fellow Democrat Amy McGrath started a year earlier and had more money, Booker started polling ahead of her.

    The documentary made it clear that running against one of the most powerful men in the United States was an uphill battle. But McConnell’s views on guns and abortions were too out of…

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  • Sleep


    I got to see this in the theater. I had previously only seen clips from it at The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. Β 

    There were lots of different angles and shots. Sometimes the subject John Giorno was really breathing or dreaming, but mainly I kept myself entertained with my own thoughts. Β 

    Someone brought their young child (approx. 3 years old) and they made it until the reel change. No one got upset that the kid kept talking to…

  • Bodies Bodies Bodies

    Bodies Bodies Bodies


    β€œNobody likes you!!! Nobody likes you!!!!”

    This movie felt like a bunch of people went, β€œhey! Why don’t we make a movie” without putting a super ton of thought into it.Β 

    It was shot well. The actors were decent, including a standout performance from Rachel Sennott. The movie was so self-aware: characters regret they didn’t film something; meanwhile it really was filmed and the audience actually got to see itβ€”LOL! πŸ™„

    Some mystery is set up, but none of the…

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