A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★

Overall, it worked but the sound design was really annoying. The first part was so quiet that I could hear the people in the theater crunching the popcorn. Then one audience member sneezed in a very quiet scene and well, you can imagine: some people screamed and then they shouted "bless you" over the otherwise deafening silence. 

There was less sign language than handmotions. It was totally annoying. I also find it highly annoying (how many times can I use this word in a review) to watch real-life couples try to play out their romance. 

Also here are some good tips to keep babies quiet:
1) pacifiers 

Bad ways to keep a baby quiet:
1) placing an oxygen mask on them
2) putting them in a box

I'm assuming that Emily Blunt and John Krasinski actually have kids. If not, there are my tips. 

As for the genius thing at the end, well, that killed the monsters and several people in the audience too. 


This is the 187th film I've seen using Movie Pass.

Vegan alert:
-They go fishing and eat fish for dinner.
-A raccoon is brutally slaughtered.

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