Always Be My Maybe ★★★

True: I did see Ali Wong do standup right before she got famous.
True: I did tremendously appreciate Randall Park's performance in Office Christmas Party (2016).

So I decided to check this one out. Ali Wong can be too raunchy for me sometimes, but it was a pretty standard romantic comedy, so things didn't spiral out of control too crazily.

People are freaking out over Keanu Reeves' cameo. It was pretty funny and ingenious how they worked his character into the movie (Reeves plays himself). After seeing John Wick 3 yesterday, this was pretty crazy timing.

Also: the Tom Ford references are priceless.

Vegan alerts:
-Non-vegan foods are featured or referenced such as: parmesan, lamb carpaccio served, oyster sauce, Vienna sausage, fish flakes, Burger King Whoppers, and fish sauce ice cream.
-Two couples go to a restaurant where venison is served. They're given headphones that feature the sound of the animal they’re about to eat.
-Marcus (Russell Park) talked about how he wanted to eat a bunch of little pigs.

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