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This review may contain spoilers.

Cannes 2019
Film #5

Some moments of the movie were framed so perfectly... like it was a modern Persona. Unfortunately, the story and actresses don’t measure up to an Ingmar Bergman level of filmmaking. There are tons of closeups which feel special as opposed to intrusive. 

In this film, it’s all about the two women: Iya and Masha. Men are a means to an end. The women’s social roles are not standard as Iya asks an older gentleman to dance; Iya doesn’t want children but is capable of having them and Masha wants kids but cannot have any more. Yet Iya is stuck with watching Masha’s kid and Masha asks her to carry a child for her, because she wants another one. 

All in all, it runs way too long. However, the cinematography, forward-thinking woman, and off-beat situations make an interesting enough viewing experience. 

Additional alert: a girl is violently run over by a train.

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