Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★★

"I said bow, bitch."

Despite the 3.2/10 rating for Black Christmas on IMDb, I decided to see it for several reasons:

#1 - Who doesn't like a good Christmas horror film?
#2 - A woman directed this.
#3 - I was running out of movies to see using AMC's A-list program.

To me, these were all very good reasons.

Black Christmas isn't the most amazing film. However, it delivers with scares, killings, and complete and utter nonsensical supernatural absurdity. The feminism is heavy-handed; perhaps, that is why the rating is so low. I don't know about you, but I love that featured a main character who had to get through her PTSD after being sexually assaulted. It was hyper-realistic as she was victim blamed and put down after calling out her attacker. Gender roles are taken into account, as well as a women's place in a man's world, and standing up to sexual predators.

Did a majority of frat boys rate this movie? Because it is simply not a 3.2/10. It's not a waste of time. It doesn't put down all men... simply frat boys that go too far.

Some critiques:
-A girl puts on a feminine product in front of another girl (usually girls go to the bathroom to do that, right?).
-Helena's Mom doesn't have a name. She just simply calls and says, "It's Helena's Mom".
-The killer trying to kiss Riley (Imogen Poots) under mistletoe was a bit much
-They run through fake looking snow at the end.

Some interesting things:
-The bow and arrows
-Icicle stabbing
-Hawthorne College is on Elm Road
-Professor Gelson (Cary Elwes) is a handsome jerk, but at least he discourages assuming someone is of a particular gender based on their profession

One thing is for sure: we would not have gotten such a feminist take if not for writer April Wolfe and co-writer and director Sophia Takal. Well done, ladies. Looking forward to the next film.

Vegan alert:
-Cheese on a fruit plate
-Reference to Christmas ham (squealing before it dies)
-Decorated deer head
-Santa dresses with fur around the edges
-Someone painted cats paws as a prank
-Girl alluded that her childhood hamster was dead because she didn't feed it
-Someone squeezing mayo onto a sandwich containing lunch meat
-Reference to putting ham in the oven
-Ham eaten after taken out of oven

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