BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

The movie opens with footage from Gone with the Wind, then a faux-documentary starring Alec Baldwin, which is a disturbingly provocative parody of the white supremacist rhetoric some people spout (especially chilling is when he drops the word "superpredator" coined by the Clintons, sadly inferring that even Democrats are not blameless when we look at the history of harmful actions taken against African Americans).

Anyway, that's just the beginning! Adam Driver and John David Washington are especially strong here. There's even an actor I was thinking that looked like Steve Buscemi, but it was none other than Michael Buscemi, his brother (who plays the character, Jimmy Creek).

Despite lots being given away in the trailer, there are tons of surprises and great payoffs. I'd have to say it was completely solid. Spike Lee has his great films and some that don't stick to the wall. But this is among his realllly good ones.


This is the 285th film I've seen using Movie Pass.

Vegan alert:
-Cheese dip is served at a klan meeting.
-Boar heads are shown on the wall.
-Chicken reference.
-"Butter" biscuits
-Other non-vegan foods are featured.

For clarity's sake, I'd like to note that violence is also shown to humans. That and racism are far more offensive than cheese dip.

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